Wax Cabana Thanks Tampa Bay for a Great 2015!

Wax Cabana Thanks Tampa Bay for a Great 2015!

Wax Cabana thanks Tampa Bay for a great 2015. Sometimes things happen to us that we consider to be a huge disappointment, but they are in essence good for us. We had to move from Channelside unexpectedly, but found a great location at 4303 W El Prado in South Tampa. Through many ups and downs we are here to serve our cherished guests.

None of us wake up and yell from the mountain top that we look forward to getting waxed, but we look forward to the very smooth feeling after a wonderful bikini, brazilian, guyzilian, manscaping or leg wax. A  little discomfort is worth the clean, smooth feeling after the waxing is done. It also helps to have technicians who know what they are doing and at Wax Cabana we are always perfecting our technique. We are also on the search for enthusiastic experienced technicians who want to give the same experience to our guests. We are hoping to offer other services and to continue to make your experience with us even better in 2016.

May you have a lovely time during Christmas with your friends and families. We hope that 2016 will give you all your hopes and desires.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!

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