New Year, Dare to go Bare with Waxing

New Year, Dare to go Bare with Waxing

New year, dare to go bare with waxing? Was 2015 a great year for you or was it the most challenging year that you ever experienced? Whatever it was you can certainly learn from it. Many of us make the usual resolutions, whether it was “to lose weight” or make more money. Hopefully all of you succeeded in achieving your resolutions, but realistically, some will fail. Make this one of your resolutions for 2016 – Dare to go bare!

Many people came through the salon door in 2015. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and were not one of them, it is never too late to get professional grooming  from head to toe. Men and women can be treated royally at The Wax Cabana in South Tampa with brazilians and guyzilians or even something customized just for you.  Why do people wax? does it hurt? Those are some of the questions I get from guests. People wax because they feel extremely clean, especially in sunny Florida. They wax because they do not like hair all over the body. It does hurt for a quick second, but by the end of the service most people say it is not like they expected it to be, it’s much better.

Embrace 2016 with something new for you. Find a reputable salon in your area that specializes in waxing and groom your body monthly. Dare to go bare. Dare to live with a little less body hair. Hair looks more beautiful on your head than anywhere else. We have it for a reason, but it can be groomed.


Loy Bouyer is a Florida licensed esthetician and massage therapist. She has been in the beauty industry since 2002. Wax Cabana is located in South Tampa, Florida.


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