Waxing Membership Offers Great Savings for You

Waxing Membership Offers Great Savings for You

Waxing Membership Offers Great Savings for You. Many of us would like to remove hair from our bodies, but some of us may not have that extra income to spend every month. Before you fall back on the old razor  and shaving for hair removal, why not think about a waxing membership? Ask your favorite waxing salon if they have a membership, or if they would consider one. Some salons have a monthly membership, and some may have the choice for you to buy a package and get one or two extra treatments FREE. In the long run you end up saving money and remain hair-free and smooth.

Some wax salons may allow you to use the last month’s payment to another service or the next month if for some reason you were not able to make it that month.  However, many salons do not carry forward payments for future use. Very much like a gym membership, you pay for each month in the beginning of the month, and it is not carried forward to the next month.

If there isn’t a membership policy at your favorite salon, it does not hurt to ask if you can have a package deal. This is especially possible if you are a regular customer. Hope you find great savings and keep being hair-free and smooth!


Loy Bouyer is a Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist and the Owner of the Wax Cabana in South Tampa, Florida. She can be reached at waxcabana@gmail.com. The company website is www.thewaxcabana.com.

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