What’s Unique About You?

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What’s unique about you? Recently, a guest came into the waxing salon and requested a brow shape that is current.  Her description of what she wanted did not seem to match the shape of her face and eyes.  whenever I do a brow wax I take into consideration, not only what is popular at the moment, but more so what is best suited for that person’s face. Of course, I will not make him or her look retro. My point is that not everything fits everyone.

Too often people buy styles to wear that do not necessarily fit their body type.  We come in various shapes and sizes and we can look our most beautiful or handsome selves if we choose styles that best fit us or enhance our best features. I chose to cleanup her brows following the contours of her brow bone , removing excess hair closer to the nasal bone, waxing above the brow and using some tweezing techniques to refine the shape. Her eyes seem brighter and more open and she loved it. Bare in mind that if you bring a picture of a celebrity into the salon the best expectation should be to have your brows as close to it as possible because that person is different from you.

If it is a gentleman the waxing or brow-shaping techniques are very different. Unless he specifically requests a well-defined arch, I stay away from that. An extremely tiny percentage of gentlemen do insist of defined arches. The uni-brows definitely have to go and the extra stray hairs above and below the brows.

Life would be extremely boring if we all look and sound the same. Variety and diversity keeps life interesting. Isn’t that how you like it?



Loy Bouyer is a Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist and the Owner of the Wax Cabana in South Tampa, Florida. She can be reached at waxcabana@gmail.com. The company website is www.thewaxcabana.com.


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