Fathers Day Gift 2018?

Fathers Day Gift 2018?

Fathers Day Gift 2018?  What do you give for Fathers Day Gift 2018? A special day with the family, a wrapped gift or a day at the Spa so he can relax and unwind? Think outside the box and give him something that he may not have thought about. like any of the following spa treatments:

  • Luxurious Body or Back Scrub ( Does he ever take time to exfoliate? He is a man, so chances are likely that he never thought about doing that for himself)
  • A Deep Tissue Massage – Who could resist such refreshing and invigorating treat?
  • A Manicure and Pedicure with a Beer Infused Foot Scrub! – Say what! …..Maybe leave a chilled bottle of his favorite beer at the salon for him to enjoy with a card signed by everyone in the family with words of adoration.
  • Something that has nothing to do with a spa is to take his car and get it detailed. When you return it, there is a gift on the driver’s seat for him.
  • Everyone in the household can write “Like It Stickers” and put them all over the home where he can see the things you like that he does as a father. He will be intrigued to see them throughout the day. People find it easy to say what they do not like, but not so much what they like.

Those are just a few ideas that you could use to make his day a little different this year.

I was never close to my father when I was growing up.  I think in my adult life I looked back and missed that. Cherish the opportunities you have in this moment in your life, so you never miss a chance to enjoy the love and inspiration of a really great father.  Mothers get tumultuous adoration, but there are some really terrific fathers who are doing everything they can because they enjoy the experience and the blessings of being a father.

Happy Fathers Day!


Loy Bouyer is a Licensed Esthetician and the Owner of The Wax Cabana in Tampa, Florida.  She can be reached at waxcabana@gmail.com



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