Wax Memberships

Wax Memberships

Unlimited Wax During The Month

Wax Cabana has been offering waxing memberships since 2012.  We stopped for a while, but due to many requests, we have revised our memberships and brought back new savings to you. We are now offering unlimited waxing memberships in Tampa and Carrollwood. Our Waxing or hair removal membership benefits everyone who waxes regularly or monthly. This allows you to save money while you maintain a hair-free body.

We offer Unlimited Brazilian Membership and Unlimited Guyzilian Membership. We also offer Unlimited Multiple Body-part Waxing Membership for males and females. When you compare the individual prices for body–part waxing it adds up, but the membership gives tremendous savings  of $100 or more.


Female Wax Membership Tampa
Female Wax Membership Tampa, Wax Cabana


Unlimited wax membership Tampa and Carrollwood
Unlimited Waxing Membership Tampa

How does it work?

You sign up for the unlimited waxing membership giving us permission to deduct the membership amount from your credit card or bank account once per month at the beginning of the month. You are sent a receipt to reflect the charge. You book your appointment 24/7 online or call during office hours. This is much like the way a gym membership works.

Multiple body-parts: It costs much more to get several body parts done (a la carte), so we make it more cost-effective for you while still giving you excellent service.  EXAMPLE: Unlimited Membership – If one day you get the cheeks, between the cheeks and legs done and another day you decide to get your back and chest done all you would have paid as a male is the $138 in the beginning of the month.  No Membership –  If you do not have the Unlimited Membership then those services would cost you – $220. With the Unlimited Membership you SAVE $82

Other Benefits:

20% OFF Facials at locations where Facials are offered or Body Scrubs (Back, Hands or Feet) if Facials are not offered at a Location

20% OFF Charge for the Numbing Gel if you desire to use it.

20% OFF Gift Certificates at regular prices or purchase Gift Certificates at Member Price.